25 Halloween Charcuterie Boards That Are So Good, They'll Haunt You in Your Sleep

You may think of charcuterie as basic, but when it comes to Halloween charcuterie boards, that's just a bunch of hocus pocus. Truthfully, Halloween is the perfect time to get wildly creative with your charcuterie boards, whether you're serving one to costumed kiddos, bringing one to a party, or snacking on one at home while watching a scary movie on Netflix.

From skeleton hands and apple slices with teeth to googly-eyed olives and ghost-shaped biscuits, there are tons of ways to add festive flair to your Halloween charcuterie board — and you can bring that magic to candy boards, brunch boards, or classic meat-and-cheese boards. You can even arrange your Halloween charcuterie board so it's in the shape of a pumpkin or jack-o'-lantern.

Whether you are feeling crafty and want to create a veritable work of art, or you just want some simple decor to toss into the mix between the brie and the prosciutto, there are plenty of ways to give a charcuterie board some seasonal style. Get tons of Halloween-charcuterie-board inspiration ahead.

Halloween Dessert Board

Pile a plate high with Halloween candy, decorated sugar cookies, and marshmallow treats for a dessert board that'll come together in a flash.

Spooky Halloween Charcuterie Board With Skeleton Hands

If you have some skeleton decor lying around, grab just the hands. Strategically place them on your Halloween charcuterie board so they look like they're scooping handfuls of chips or cheese.

Halloween Charcuterie Ouija Board

If you're not afraid of ghosts, pile your Halloween charcuterie onto a Ouija-board cheese plate — or the board itself. (Just don't come for us if your house becomes haunted.)

Skeleton Cookie Halloween Dessert Board

To make an over-the-top Halloween dessert board, make an entire skeleton out of sugar cookies, then fill in the gaps with gummies, candy corn, and other seasonal treats.

Halloween Candy Board

This Halloween-candy board is all about having fun. Don't worry about placing things perfectly; instead, dump your favorite sweets onto a big serving platter and let chaos reign.

Halloween Dessert Board With Candy Bowls

A few decorative candy bowls make the perfect organizational tools for a Halloween dessert board. Add some tangerine pumpkins and a banana ghost for more decor.

Halloween Dessert Board With Pumpkin Dip

Pop a pumpkin dip in the center of your dessert board, and surround it with vessels for the sweet stuff, from apple slices and graham crackers to crunchy popcorn.

Classic Halloween Charcuterie Board

This is a more traditional take on a Halloween charcuterie board in that it's full of meats, cheese, nuts, crackers, olives, and bread. One genius touch? The spooky Moon Drop grapes, with their deep purple color and oblong shape.

Halloween Dessert Board With Store-Bought Cookies

Make your party prep easier by opting to create a Halloween dessert board with store-bought treats that still bring the festive vibe, like orange Oreos and maple sandwich cookies.

Fruity Halloween Charcuterie Board

This gorgeous Halloween charcuterie board uses deep-red fruits — grapes, berries, pomegranates, figs, and blood oranges — to create a showstopping color palette. Pair with dark orange cheese and dried apricots for a Halloween charcuterie board that's as chic as it is festive.

Orange Halloween Charcuterie Board With a Skeleton

The miniature skeleton isn't the only thing that makes this charcuterie board perfect for spooky season; it's also the emphasis on orange goodies.

Neutral Halloween Charcuterie Board

If you're a minimalist, this neutral-colored Halloween charcuterie board may be more your style. Opting for pale cheese and crackers plus dark berries and chocolate gives this spread a just-slightly-eerie vibe.

Halloween Charcuterie Board With a Meat Sculpture

The googly-eyed strawberries in this Halloween charcuterie are just plain adorable, but it's the meat display we can't stop looking at. Layering ham or prosciutto over a bowl or skeleton head — then adding olive-slice eyes — will seriously impress (and creep out) anyone snacking on your board.

Bug-Themed Halloween-Candy Board

Spider decor and plenty of gummy worms turn this typical Halloween-candy board into a bug-themed one that kids and adults will love.

Halloween Tailgate Charcuterie Board

Planning a tailgate or game-watching party during spooky season? This charcuterie spread perfectly mixes the two occasions.

Buried-Skeleton Halloween Board

This spooky skeleton bowl of treats doubles as decor. The finishing touch isn't the crown on the skeleton's head, but the gummy worm coming out of its mouth.

Cookie-Cake Halloween Dessert Board

A cookie cake in the shape of a moon makes the perfect centerpiece for a creative Halloween dessert board.

Spooky Halloween Charcuterie Board

This Halloween cheese board is full of thoughtful little touches, like the mozzarella rose and the tiny graveyard to the creepy rabbit figurine.

Pumpkin-Shaped Halloween Charcuterie Board

Grab a round serving board with a handle and you have the perfect place to make a pumpkin-shaped Halloween charcuterie board. Pick all orange snacks for the background, green veggies for the stem, and use berries or dark dried fruits for a jack-o'-lantern face.

Halloween Snack Board With Mummy Hot Dogs

Name a cuter Halloween snack than these mummy hot dogs. Use whatever leftover crescent dough you have from creating those to make little cinnamon-sugar witch hats.

Fruits and Veggies Halloween Snack Board

Want your snack board to be heavier on the fruit and veg than on cheese and meat? This Halloween snack board uses colorful, nutritious produce — plus crunchy crackers, nuts, and seeds — for a healthy spread you'll want to snack on all season.

Halloween Dessert Board With Cookie Spiders

This delightful Halloween dessert board — or box, rather — is made complete by sandwich cookies turned into spiders, thanks to some pretzel sticks and googly eyes.

Halloween Snack Board For Kids

This one might please kids especially, but grown-ups will get a kick out of these creative Halloween snacks, too.

Halloween Dessert Board With Cookie Letters

Use cutout cookies to create letters and spell out a fun (or spooky) message on your Halloween dessert board. The ghostly chocolate-dripped strawberries are also a nice touch.

Giant Skeleton Halloween Charcuterie Board

Pull out all the stops on this huge Halloween charcuterie board "held" together by a big decorative skeleton.