12 Josephine Langford Movies and TV Shows, Including the After Series

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Josephine Langford is most well known for playing college student Tessa Young in the "After" movies. The franchise, which is inspired by Anna Todd's best-selling book series of the same name, chronicles Tessa's tumultuous relationship with Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) — a mysterious bad boy with a dark past. The first film, which premiered in 2019, catapulted Langford to fame. Now, years later, Langford has officially said goodbye to Tessa following the release of the final "After" installment "After Everything," which premiered on Sept. 13.

So what's next for Langford? The actress is set to star in the upcoming romantic comedy "The Other Zoey." The film centers around a college student named Zoey, who enters into a fake relationship after a cute guy with amnesia mistakes her for his real girlfriend. The movie will be released in select theaters on Oct. 20 before becoming available on-demand on Nov. 10.

If you loved Langford in the After movies and are excited to watch "The Other Zoey," check out more of the star's projects below.

Josephine Langford Movies

"Wish Upon"

"Wish Upon" centers around a 17-year-old high school student named Clare Shannon, who finds a mysterious music box that promises the holder seven wishes. As Clare begins using the box, terrible tragedies also start to happen around her, and she soon realizes her wishes come at a dangerous price. Langford plays Clare's school bully, Darcie, in the film.


AFTER, from left: Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Josephine Langford, 2019. ph: Quantrell D. Colbert/  Aviron Pictures /courtesy Everett Collection
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Tessa Young (Langford) embarks on her first semester at college, where she meets a handsome bad boy named Hardin Scott, who she knows is no good. Still, Tessa can't seem to get Hardin off her mind and begins to fall for him, leading the pair down a tumultuous path.

"After We Collided"

In "After We Collided," Tessa and Hardin go their separate ways. While Tessa finds success as an intern at a publishing company, Hardin spends his days drinking and longing for her. After the pair unexpectedly reunites, Tessa realizes she still has feelings for Hardin, however, she wrestles with the idea of getting back together with him.

"After We Fell"

In "After We Fell," Tessa's decision to move to Seattle puts a strain on her relationship with Hardin. The two attempt to work things out, however, they encounter other problems that continue to test their relationship.

"After Ever Happy"

In "After Ever Happy," Hardin goes into a downward spiral after a huge family secret is revealed at his mother's wedding. As a result, he distances himself from Tessa, but when she experiences a family tragedy, Hardin rushes to be by her side again. Although she loves Hardin, Tessa realizes that the couple will have to spend some time apart in order to heal from their recent traumas and make their relationship stronger.

"After Everything"

After Hardin publishes a best-selling novel about his relationship with Tessa without her knowledge, the two break up and begin living separate lives. Hardin is determined to make things up to Tessa and get back together with her. However, he must first confront his past in order to move forward with the woman he loves.


MOXIE, US poster, top from left: Lauren Tsai, Sydney Park, Alycia Pascual-Pena, Hadley Robinson, Sabrina Haskett, Josie Totah, Nico Hiraga; bottom left: Josephine Langford; bottom right: Anjelika Washington, 2021.  Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection
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After noticing the unfair treatment of girls at her school, 16-year-old Vivian feels helpless to make a difference. However, that all changes once she discovers her mother's feminist zine collection, which inspires her to create her own zine called "Moxie" in an effort to call out the sexism at her school. Langford plays a head cheerleader named Emma in the film.

"Gigi & Nate"

18-year-old Nate Gibson contracts meningitis after swimming in a lake. After he becomes a quadriplegic, Nate falls into a depression as he's unable to cope with everyday life. In order to help her son, Claire contacts an organization to get Nate a service animal. They connect him with a capuchin monkey named Gigi, who ends up transforming Nate's life. In the movie, Langford play's Nate's older sister, Katy.

"The Other Zoey"

THE OTHER ZOEY, from left: Drew Starkey, Josephine Langford, 2023.  ph: Kent Smith /   Brainstorm Media /Courtesy Everett Collection
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Zoey (Langford) is a college student who works at a bookstore. When she witnesses a popular student named Zack get hit by a car, Zoey rushes to his aid only to realize the accident gave him amnesia. Because of this, Zack accidentally mistakes Zoey for his girlfriend. In order to not make his condition worse, Zoey decides to keep up the act until Zack's amnesia goes away, but things get complicated when she starts to fall for his cousin.

"The Great Gatsby Live Read!"

In order to benefit charity, Langford, Kaia Gerber, Mason Gooding, and other stars teamed up to do a live table read of "The Great Gatsby" in 2021. The classic novel, which was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925, centers around a millionaire named Jay Gatsby, who tries to win over his former lover Daisy Buchanan. Langford read for the character of Jordan Baker.

Josephine Langford TV Shows

"Wolf Creek"

"Wolf Creek" is a TV series that follows an American college student named Eve Thorogood, who travels to Australia with her parents and younger brother. During their trip, the family meets a man named Mick, who appears friendly but turns out to be a serial killer. The Thorogoods become Mick's latest targets, and after everyone but Eve is killed, she embarks on a mission to avenge her family by hunting Mick down. Langford played the reoccurring character Emma Webber on the show.

"Into the Dark"

"Into the Dark" is a horror anthology series with each episode centering around a holiday. In Langford's episode, "They Come Knocking," a family's road trip turns into a nightmare after they're attacked by supernatural creatures.